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  Forestry Association of Nigeria (FAN) is a duly registered (No. 4149) organization under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap. 98 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was founded on 6 October, 1970 in Ibadan by a group of academics and researchers who felt the need for an umbrella organization to address issues of relevance to forestry and renewable natural resources generally. Since it was founded, it has attracted to its fold a critical mass of forestry practitioners from the academia, the civil service, private sector and lately non-governmental organizations with interest in forestry and environment. It is the biggest and the foremost forestry organization on the continent of Africa. Perhaps no other organization has played a more dominant role in the development and conservation of renewable natural (particularly forest) resources in Nigeria than this Association. The annual Tree planting campaign, which was initiated by the Association on 05 June, 1980 is just one of the several initiatives of the Association geared towards changing the country´s biophysical environment for the better.


The Forestry Association of Nigeria is propelled by the following objectives:

1. The promotion of awareness and maintenance of a stable environment within and outside Nigeria;

2. Encouraging and assisting in the development and sound management of the forest resources (including wildlife) of Nigeria;

3. Securing general recognition of sustained supply of timber and non-timber forest resources for industrial growth through environment-friendly practices; and

4. Providing a centre and means of communication for all environmental and non-governmental agencies engaged in forest industries within and outside Nigeria.


Over the years, the Association has adopted various approaches to achieving these objectives. Among these are the Annual Conferences of which 31 have been held so far in the 35 years of existence of the Association. Since the incorporation of the FANCONSULT, the consultancy unit of our Association, we have also adopted the workshop approach in achieving these objectives. To further demonstrate our commitment to a sustainable environment, this Association has introduced the concept called FAN Afforestation Programme (FANAC), as distinct from the Annual Tree Planting Campaign, which has become a sole government activity with no follow-up and regularity. This, however in no way negatively affects the role of FAN as a stakeholder in the current Annual Tree Planting Campaign; rather it hopes to complement it, whenever the campaign is resuscitated.


The main objectives of the new initiative (FANAC) are to:

1. involve the Association in forest production in all the States of Nigeria;

2. further sensitize Nigerians through model plantations that will be established by FAN on the need to plant trees;

3. contribute to the greening of our environment; and

4. based on our achievement, attract support from International Organizations for large scale plantation establishment.


For the successful implementation of this programme, every State Chapter of FAN is expected to acquire a minimum of 10 hectares (contiguous) in a suitable community. This should be done through consultations with willing local communities with a view to working in partnership with consenting communities. Each chapter is expected to plant 10% of the total area of land acquired annually i.e. if total land acquired is 10 hectares, plant one hectare every year, if 20 hectares, plant two hectares per annum, etc.


The constitution of the Forestry Association of Nigeria recognizes the following organs for the smooth running of the Association:


Annual General Meeting:

This is the biggest and most powerful organ of the Association comprising Council members and all members of the Association. It meets once in a year to ratify decisions taken by Council and also take vital decisions (including election of officers) for the smooth running of the organization.


Board of Trustees:

Chief A.O Adekunle, FFAN (Chairman, deceased)
 Mr. D.I. Aimufia, FFAN
Dr. E.A. Oduwaiye, FFAN
Dr. Z.O Momoh,FFAN
Dr. J.C. Okafor, FFAN



The Council of the Forestry Association of Nigeria is made up of all the elected officers, all Fellows and all heads of forestry institutions. Its meetings are hosted quarterly by state chapters of the Association in different states of the federation.


Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of the Forestry Association of Nigeria is made up of elected officers. They comprise:
The President
First Vice President
Second Vice President
National Secretary
Assistant Secretary
National Treasurer
Financial Secretary
Publicity Secretary
Six Ex-officio members representing the six geo-political zones of the country.


Our Team:

Our Team


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